A recent interview with Danny from Utah.

“I’m 62 years old and throw baseballs at 80 mph in the Men’s Senior Baseball League, a National Baseball Organization. I can regularly pitch a double header; that’s two 9-inning games back to back. Bragging? Maybe.”

“I get pretty tired and my muscles get fatigued, as you can imagine. People call me a freak and ask, how is that possible to pitch so many innings at your age?”

“Honestly, I feel blessed to be as active as I am. Also, I found a God given gift late in life.”aloe-caps-simply-aloe

“But, there is another reason I am so durable and able – it’s Simply Natural Products: Simply Aloe Vera Juice! Two ounces in the morning and Two ounces at night. When I play tournaments, 6-9 games a week, I will take 3 ounces 2 times daily.”

“Every active person needs fast muscle pain recovery (relief), and Simply Aloe is the most medicinal product I have found. I have used it for 16 years. My muscles have less pain and fast recovery time. I recommend it for all ages, to active and ongoing recovering people.”

“Simply Natural Products – Simply Aloe – That’s the stuff!”

Simply Aloe Vera Juice is ideal for daily use at home. When you are on-the-go or traveling, you still maintain your health with Simply Aloe Caps. You will have all the benefits Aloe Vera has to offer in a convenient capsule form.

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