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Indian Journal of Dermatology – Aloe Vera – History and Benefits 1

Abstract Aloe vera is a natural product that is now a day frequently used in the field of cosmetology. Though there are various indications for its use, controlled trials are needed to determine its real efficacy. The aloe vera plant, its properties, mechanism of action and clinical uses are briefly reviewed in this article. Keywords: […]

Aloe Vera Scientific Article

Danny Pawelek: Simply Natural Product’s “Iron Man” 2

We would like to share an article that was written about our co-founder Danny Pawelek. Danny has been using Aloe Vera products for recovery for 17+ years. Aloe Vera simply works. http://www.msblnational.com/Featured-Stories/Blog/Danny-Pawelek-MSBL-Iron-Man.htm#.VuxvYBIrJPN A special thanks to all of our customers/friends for supporting us for 18 years.


A recent interview with Danny from Utah.

“I’m 62 years old and throw baseballs at 80 mph in the Men’s Senior Baseball League, a National Baseball Organization. I can regularly pitch a double header; that’s two 9-inning games back to back. Bragging? Maybe.”

“I get pretty tired and my muscles get fatigued, as you can imagine. People call me a freak and ask, how is that possible to pitch so many innings at your age?”

“Honestly, I feel blessed to be as active as I am. Also, I found a God given gift late in life.”aloe-caps-simply-aloe

“But, there is another reason I am so durable and able – it’s Simply Natural Products: Simply Aloe Vera Juice! Two ounces in the morning and Two ounces at night. When I play tournaments, 6-9 games a week, I will take 3 ounces 2 times daily.”

“Every active person needs fast muscle pain recovery (relief), and Simply Aloe is the most medicinal product I have found. I have used it for 16 years. My muscles have less pain and fast recovery time. I recommend it for all ages, to active and ongoing recovering people.”

“Simply Natural Products – Simply Aloe – That’s the stuff!”

Simply Aloe Vera Juice is ideal for daily use at home. When you are on-the-go or traveling, you still maintain your health with Simply Aloe Caps. You will have all the benefits Aloe Vera has to offer in a convenient capsule form.