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Danny Pawelek: Simply Natural Product’s “Iron Man” 2

We would like to share an article that was written about our co-founder Danny Pawelek. Danny has been using Aloe Vera products for recovery for 17+ years. Aloe Vera simply works. http://www.msblnational.com/Featured-Stories/Blog/Danny-Pawelek-MSBL-Iron-Man.htm#.VuxvYBIrJPN A special thanks to all of our customers/friends for supporting us for 18 years.

Essential Minerals – What your body needs, and what you need to know 6

Minerals are important for your body to stay healthy. Your body uses minerals for many different jobs, including building bones, making hormones and regulating your heartbeat.¬†Although minerals make up only a small fraction of total body weight, they are essential for human metabolism. Minerals act as the catalysts for many biochemical reactions within the human […]

Keep Your Health Simple, Go Back To The Basics

Let’s talk about a simple solution to balance your body’s overall health¬† Dr Carey A. Reams, biophysicist and biochemist, found that the human body requires 84 of the basic elements (out of the 106 elements) to maintain good health. A small percentage of these elements are received directly from the air and sunlight. The remaining […]