Aloe Vera has contributed my good health in so many ways. I chose to drink AloeMin to better my digestive system and boost my immune strength. I have been living with bowel discomfort and bloating for as long as I can remember. Digestive abnormalities can often be affected by the foods we eat, leading us to a limited or poor diet. I started drinking AloeMin 5 years ago. I am 29 years old now and I am still drinking AloeMin and enjoying the continuous benefits from it. If you think about it, our health is reflected by what we put in our bodies. For most of my life I did not maintain a nutritional diet, which I believe led to my digestive system not functioning properly. Without adequate performance from my digestive system, my body was not getting the nutrition it needed to function well. Now with a proper nutritional diet and drinking AloeMin daily, I no longer suffer from bloating, discomfort, or constipation. My body has been able to deliver nutrients efficiently with the help of Aloe Vera’s amazing benefits.

My personal view is that Aloe has restored balance to my digestive system. In other words, healing it. I believe it so definitely that I have chosen to give it to my son as well. Did you ever think Aloe Vera could benefit children too? It works for me, and I have seen it work for him. Normal suggested amount for adults is 2 ounces daily. I give him 1 ounce daily. When he is sick I give him 1 ounce 2-3 times daily for about 7-10 days. The Aloe is like adding more soldiers to the immune system’s battle against whatever illness he is experiencing. (My trick is to mix the AloeMin in some orange juice, kids don’t normally desire to intake medicine of any kind.) My son is now 3 years old, and I am excited to say that I have never had to give him an antibiotic in his life so far. When he does get sick, he is well much quicker than other effected children. The Aloe has helped him develop a strong immune system, and has contributed to proper distribution of nutrients throughout his ever growing body.

I feel healthy, and my son is healthy because we have AloeMin included in our daily routine.

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There are several mechanisms which contribute to the immunological protection of our human bodies. Among these mechanisms the ingestion of bacteria and other potentially harmful agents by certain white blood cells (a process termed phagocytosis) and the formation of antibodies, (formed by another group of white cells, the beta-lymphocytes) is probably the most important. Scientific evidence suggests that Aloe Vera contains substances which are active both in stimulating phagocytosis as well as stimulating the formation of antibodies.

The latter system, the complement system, consists of a series of proteins which require activation.  When activated these proteins interact sequentially – a cascade phenomenon – and form circular, doughnut-shaped proteins, which are inserted into the surface membranes of bacteria, literally causing “holes” which permit the interior of the bacterium to become exposed to the environment, causing the death of the organism. Normally this complement system is stimulated by the presence of polysaccharides on the surface of the invading organism. Studies have shown that the polysaccharides (the healing factor) of Aloe can perform this function.

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