Psoriasis Treatment Protocol

By: Donovan J. Anderson, M.D.
Willow Valley Medical Center, August 29, 1996


Psoriasis is a chronic disease that is found more prevalently in the USA than in less developed countries.  Its cause is unknown. It is characterized by scaly, shiny lesions that break out on the erythematous areas of the skin. Although unsightly and irritating, psoriasis is neither painful nor contagious.

Specialists, who treat psoriasis frequently, believe it is brought on by genetic factors in combination with several factors including diet, immediate environment, and lack of vitamins A and D. The lesions respond well to sunshine, concentrations of ultraviolet rays, and recently they have been found to respond well to saline rich mud of the Dead Sea resorts.

The Aloe program includes an applied regimen of regular daily topical applications of Aloe vera gel, and large daily does of Aloe drinking juice, supplemented by a specific regimen of megavitamins and anti-oxidants. And with a strict all natural diet which excludes any intake of processed foods, “junk” foods, fast food meals, sugar or foods heavy in animal fat or other high LDL cholesterol. We also find that more fresh fruits and vegetables help the skin to heal faster.

  • After showering with mild soap,
  • Spray the affected area with Aloe liquid spray.
  • Apply Aloe gel 4 times per day is best. 2 times minimum.
  • Drink at least 4 oz of Aloe drink per day.
  • Take multivitamin and mineral combination.
  • Get at least 1 hour of sunshine to the affected skin each day or UV light.
  • Eat natural diet with fruits and vegetables with as little animal products as possible.
  • Try to limit processed foods and “junk” foods.
  • I strongly recommend a potent antioxidant such as pycnogenol or grape seed extract.

The Aloe juice and gel must be high quality, Cold processed Whole leaf, Stabilized. It should have a minimum of 8,000 mg of Mucopolysaccharides per liter (MPS). The typical Aloe gel sold at the pharmacy OTC is single strength, fillet only. It doesn’t work I have tried it. Whole leaf has 5 times more healing power than single strength fillet gel. Aloe juices OTC generally are single strength or 100 to 1,400 MPS/liter. Some have as low as 40mg/MPS/liter. Others have high MPS counts because they add maltose as sweeteners that are measured the same as MPS but have no healing power. I personally recommend Simply Natural Aloe products. They have no sweeteners or flavors. I find that if you mix them 50/50 with your favorite nectar they can be quite tasty. The price per mg of MPS is the most competitive on the market. The concentrated AloeGel and Aloe 10 (*Now called Simply Aloe) or AloeMin are the best products on the market today.