A Letter From The Metabolic Research Center

Excerpts By Dr. Robert LaFave 


It has been said by many well known and reputable authorities in both the medical and natural health fields that the beginning of debilitating disease (conditions) starts with demineralization of the body!

Without these minerals it is impossible for the regeneration process in the cell to occur. In fact, an enzyme (which is a group of amino acids, plus a mineral) cannot exist without minerals and trace minerals!

Within the confines of the membrane of the cell are little factories called organelles (Mitochondria, Ribosomes, Lysomes, etc.) Each one of these little factories must receive fuel to:

A.      Reproduce itself in healthy state through the production of the proper level of energy.
B.      Package other substances manufactured by the cells for other parts of the body.

An excessive amount of protein in and around the cell inhibits the function of the cell to produce the material necessary for the development of energy.

None of the functions within the cell can occur without all of the minerals and trace minerals being present.