What Experts Have To Say About Colloidal Minerals


Dr. David R. Funk, PhD., stated the following – “It is my personal and professional opinion that every single person in America today has multiple mineral deficiencies and would experience untold amounts of health benefits from taking plant source colloidal minerals over their entire lifetime.”

Dr. Frederick S. Macy, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, and chemist David Graham say colloidal minerals are nontoxic because of their plant or vegetable source and electrical charge. On one of Dr. Macy’s lectures about colloidal minerals, said in part, “In colloidal form iodine, for example, is one of the elements essential for the well-being of human cells. Yet if you should drink as much as two or three grains of free iodine, it would kill you. Dr. Macy, when explaining this, held up an eight ounce cup full of colloidal iodine. ‘There,’ he said, ‘is the equivalent of 740 grains of free iodine – enough to kill 300 men.’ And he drank it. In that form, iodine is not only harmless, but beneficial. The same is true of arsenic and other deadly poisons.”

Dr. Flanagan’s book, Elixir Of The Ageless, contains some interesting information on colloidal chemistry.  He stated – “Colloidal chemistry was evolved by David Graham, a British chemist, 50 years ago, but only recently has it been realized even by scientists what an enormous influence it is destined to have in medicine, agriculture, and industry.

“Colloidals are known as the twilight zone of matter. These minerals are the smallest particles that matter can be divided while still maintaining its individual characteristics. The smallest colloids cannot be seen with the most powerful microscopes.”

An issue of Health Living carried an article that said – “The Body does need minerals in the organic form.  Organic minerals are absorbable by body tissues and become energy catalysts for the cells. The bodycannot absorb inorganic minerals nor can it convert them into an assimilable form.  Only the plant kingdom can extract inorganic matter from the earth and, through photosynthesis, convert it into organic substances which can then be used by the human body.”

“In the future, we will not be able to rely anymore on our premise that the consumption of a variedbalanced diet will provide all the essential trace elements, because such a diet will be very difficult to obtain for millions of people.” Dr. Walter Mertz, U.S. Department of Agriculture, as told to congress in 1977.

According to The Doctor’s Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia, “Mineral insufficiency and trace elements insufficiency are more likely to occur than are vitamin insufficiency states. Because of differing geologic conditions, minerals and trace elements may be scarce in the soils of certain regions and rich in those of other regions. Thus, you can live in some areas, eat a perfectly ‘balanced’ diet and still develop mineral deficiencies or trace element deficiencies that can only be averted through dietary change or supplementation.”

In Dr. Jensen’s book, Empty Harvest, he talks about how many of our illnesses are correlated with our improper stewardship of the land. Our immunity very much parallels the immunity of the land. Of special mention is that trace minerals are much depleted in our soils. Veterinarians have long since known this, which is why there are some 45 trace minerals added to dog and livestock food. They would much rather spend a few cents everyday than hundreds of dollars on vet bills!

Dr. Charles Northen, MD researcher reports that, “In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of the minerals, but lacking minerals vitamins are useless.”

Gaylord Hauser, from his book, Diet Does It, concurs by stating, “Minerals are certainly as important to us as vitamins, yet minerals are overlooked, neglected and their value underestimated.”