Will It Really Work


When you take Noni as a health supplement, its timing is critical. If taken on a full stomach, it will have very little beneficial action. The acid in the stomach will destroy the enzyme which liberates xeronine. If it is taken on an empty stomach, the critical proenzyme escapes digestion in the stomach and enters the intestines where the magic takes effect.

Also, it seems that more important than any other factor is the form of the Noni – if one is to achieve the desired health benefits.

When including Noni in a health regimen, you have to remember that the rules that apply to all other health supplements – also apply to this product. When looking at processing methods which can improve or detract from a product’s effectiveness, specific issues come up with Noni that many are still unaware of.

Several companies have created Noni juices which are being sold across the country. This presents two problems that threaten the benefits of the product: 1) the addition of sweetening agents and 2) pasteurization.

One of the things you DO NOT want in a natural health product is sweetening agents. Though it makes things taste better, adding sugars only detracts and can counter act the purpose of a supplement.  It is known that one product in particular puts as much as 15% sugar (fruit juice) in every bottle of Noni juice. With regards to Noni, this is even more importance since sugar stimulates stomach acids which in turn destroys the enzyme which liberates xeronine (as described above). Thus, all the healing benefits of Noni end up working against this sugar.

Probably a bigger threat to Noni is the pasteurization of the juice… effectively “cooking” it. Most are well aware that this is a big no-no in the health field. But, you might not be aware of other terms which mean the same thing, like “thermal heat” or “ thermal treated.” The way in which these are processed is to bring the liquid up to 170-190 F for approximately 15 minutes. They then “hot fill” (filling with hot fluid) and must use glass containers so the bottle won’t melt or buckle.

“Thermal Heating”, “Thermal Treating” or “Pasteurizing” doesn’t require any preservatives, making the product seem purer. But what is over looked is everything alive is cooked and therefore destroyed at that high of a temperature.

“From Concentrate” can be something else to look out for as this is just another way of saying “reconstituted.” This means it is diluted with water or juice, creating less than 100% of that product in a bottle.

Necessity brings about invention and fortunately information like this has become better known by wary buyers. The result is that a new, more popular market – Noni powder- has been created. This came about with technology, like the powdered capsules of garlic, and presents a solution that handles all the consumer issues of bad taste and smell, while ensuring that the product is left intact and relatively unaltered for maximum benefits.

So, today, as you quietly take your powdered Noni capsules and enjoy the terrific gains that are to be had with this product—you may want to give thanks to the generations of Polynesians that (based on reported horror stories) only wish they had it so easy!