The Difference Between Our Aloe And Other Brands


There are many Aloe vera products being sold today, but there is a big difference in quality and many are non-beneficial to the consumer.

If you CANNOT taste the strong distinctive Aloe flavor, in a rich yellow or amber color, there is probably little or no Aloe vera present.

Other Brands

Here are some points to be aware of:

  • Many are weak and have been diluted with water, even though they claim to be pure Aloe juice.
  • Look for “water” listed on the label.
  •  Some companies have added sweetening agents to their juice to falsify the polysaccharide content. These sweetening agents raise the polysaccharide count but are not of Aloe origin and will not produce any healing benefits. It is a very inexpensive way to make the product look like it is better than it actually is.
  • Companies re-constitute their Aloe losing the natural liquid and its synergism with the other constituents. Look for “re-constituted” or “from concentrate” on the label.
  • Many companies use the old process of hand-fillet, which will only give you a single strength Aloe juice.
  • Some companies use high heat to stabilize their Aloe, destroying many of the beneficial constituents.
  • Many companies offer fruit flavored Aloe drinks, and even promote it as pleasant tasting.  Because Aloe has such a strong pungent taste, it cannot be masked with any flavoring, unless there is little Aloe present.

Our Aloe

  • Is government certified organically grown
  • We are the highest in polysaccharides, guaranteeing no less than 13,000 mgs of MPS per quart on each label of Simply Aloe™ and AloeMin™, and 200 mgs per capsule on AloeCaps™. No other company does this. Other companies cannot state the MPS content because they cannot guarantee the quantity. To know if an Aloe vera product is going to be beneficial, you must know the MPS content.
  • We use the latest technology in low temperature, high vacuum evaporation processing (84-90o F), for our juice, and a patent pending drying process (72-84o F), for AloeCaps™.
  • We use no adulterants or extenders as is common in the industry.
  • Our juice is NEVER re-constituted.
  • It takes numerous quarts and even gallons of other Aloe vera juice to equal the polysaccharide content of 1 quart of Simply Aloe™ or AloeMin™. Making it more effective and less expensive than any other brand on the market.
  • We use the whole leaf, ensuring all of the beneficial constituents are available. Whole leaf Aloe vera contains 200% more of the active constituents than in hand-fillet.
  • Our Aloe is 10X’s more concentrated than single strength Aloes.
  • Each batch is tested by an independent laboratory to ensure its purity and content of the active ingredient polysaccharides).
  • Our Aloe vera is the Barbadensis Miller variety.
  • Our 4th generation Aloe Farm Artisans have the knowledge, in the care of these plants, giving us the opportunity to guarantee the quality of our Aloe products to you.
  • Each bottle comes with a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee.