Our Aloe Products, Setting A New Industry Standard


Simply Natural’s concentrated Aloe vera products are the standard by which all others are compared.

1.  We start with the highest quality Aloe vera available, Barbadensis Miller variety. The Aloe is grown in South America where the climate is ideal for growing. It is free from extreme climate changes which can diminish the polysaccharide content in the Aloe leaf. Our Aloe plantation has been run by Artisans for over 4 generations and is one of only a few in the world that irrigates daily to maintain the exact water needed by the plant.

2.  The plants are cared for in the Old World tradition. The soil and plants have never been treated with any chemicals and is certified organic.

3.  Harvested at peak production cycles, it is immediately processed, using the whole leaf, which produces the maximum amount of active beneficial ingredients found in the Aloe vera plant. The processing facility contains only stainless steel equipment and is in close proximity to the Aloe fields, allowing the Aloe to be processed within 30-60 minutes of harvesting.

4.  The leaves are thoroughly washed and rinsed in a repetitive process. They are then placed in an automated processor and not touched by human hands until the liquid is in sterile sealed containers.

5.  We use only the whole leaf. Clinical studies have established that polysaccharides are one of the key active ingredients in Aloe, and concentrated amounts of this produces exceptional results in the treatment of various physical disorders. To increase the amount of this valuable ingredient, it was found that rather than using the inner gel of the plant, the whole leaf produced a much greater yield, over 200% more.

6.  We process the whole leaf into a juice, using the latest technology in cold processing. The leaf is ground to a liquid and then filtered using an exclusive process to remove certain constituents (aloin & aloin emodin). These filters DO NOT remove the beneficial high molecular-weight polysaccharides.

7.  Using a new low temperature, vacuum pressure, evaporation process (84-90o F), the juice is concentrated to 10 times that of single strength Aloe. This separates our Aloe from other brands because the majority on the market today are low in polysaccharide content and many use high heat which destroys much of the valuable constituents as well.

8.  The concentrated liquid is filled into sterilized 55 gallon drums with the required preservatives of  sodium benzoate (.05%) and potassium sorbate (.05%), sealed and shipped to the United States where it is placed under quarantine by the FDA for 5 days, pending the results of the required microbiological testing.

9. When released, it is shipped to one of the most modern bottling facilities in the United States, which meets all stringent FDA codes and regulations.

10.  The concentrate is then tested for MPS content.

11.  Upon completion of the MPS testing to guarantee the concentration, the juice is bottled in sanitized PET plastic containers and a heat seal liner cap is applied. PET plastic bottles are FDA approved as the highest quality container next to glass, and completely environmentally friendly.

12.  To formulate AloeMin™, the juice is poured into large stainless steel mixing vats with a specific amount of plant derived trace minerals.

13.  As the finished product is being carried down the assembly line, quality control picks bottles at random and sends them to an independent laboratory for final microbial and MPS testing to assure our customers of the high MPS stated, and that no extraneous contamination has occurred.

14.  Only after these tests are completed and analyzed, is the product released for shipment.